We are becoming aware that our humanity is facing an increasingly perilous situation. We are becoming aware of how uncertain and threatened are not just the prospects for our modern civilization, but even for our survival as a species.

We can say accurately that at our current level of functioning, we are not going to make it. At our present level of being able to work cooperatively together in the common interest, we are just falling further and further behind our problems.

What we must have is an leap to a higher level of consciousness and awareness of our common humanity and its needs -- an evolutionary jump in level. We must have this profound increase in our ability to work together in unity to meet problems before us and to secure our future.

We are at the end of an historical cycle, a cycle that has brought our humanity many wonderful advances, but enormous problems as well. Those problems have gone beyond the available tools of this cycle to solve. If there is not a new cycle available to us, a new cycle with the necessary tools of consciousness and human understanding to deal successfully with the problems we are facing, then there is no solution.

What could bring about this new cycle?

My answer is this. We require a new school of the human psyche, one that will enable us to reach our full positive potential for dealing with this Emergency. The more and better we know ourselves, and the more we have clarified ourselves internally, the greater will be our contributions towards the solution. Our highest possibilities, our greatest contributions will come individually with the achievement of Total Enlightenment, and collectively with the realization of the Unity of all Humanity.

Such a school to meet our historical necessity must meet five crucial requirements. In this blog we will be examining these requirements in depth to understand why they are so important. We will also discover what has been accomplished towards providing this urgently needed school.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brief Project History

The Built-In Solution" is a project which now spans nearly six decades.  It has produced my recommendation for how we can achieve the higher level of consciousness and cooperation essential for solving the many serious problems we have generated for ourselves, problems which now threaten our continuation as a viable species.  This is a brief summary.

I first became aware that we were heading towards this crisis in the mid-1950s when I was in high school.  At the same time I became convinced that overall we were going to try to deny the upcoming problems as long as possible.  Hopefully, when reality started breaking down that denial there would be a window of opportunity for change.  I decided that I would try to have something useful to say or helpful to offer when and if that time came. My initial internal decision that started this project was no more specific than that.

In late 1974 I was recovering from some construction injuries.  I spent my available time just thinking seriously and extensively about what I had learned about our growing problems, and about what might be helpful towards speeding their resolution.
After five months, I had concluded the best possible solution would be a major increase in self-knowledge and self-understanding.  We needed a gathering across humanity of all this kind of information.  We needed somehow to distill it down to the essentials and make it easily available in a new school.

By my thinking, this school would need to meet five requirements: 1) It would need to be complete if that were possible.  2) It would need to be as fast as possible in its teachings as our problems were growing rapidly. 3) It would need to be an Open School, as any kind of cult would be unworkable in a free society. 4) It would need to be practical in the sense that it could be added into anyone's ongoing situation.  5) It could not be any kind of religion; its knowledge would need to be presented across reason and demonstrable experience; in that way it would be open to anyone of any religion or of no religion.

A school embracing a full understanding of the totality of the human psyche!  A school meeting those five requirements: Complete, Fast, Open, Practical, and Not a Religion!  That seemed then, and seems to me today the optimal solution.  If such a  school could not enable the enormous increase we must have in our ability to work quickly and effectively together in the common interest, I couldn't see how anything else could.

But was such a school possible?  In early 1975, I returned to NYC and started seriously investigating what knowledge, tools, and organizations were already available.  I was tough in my questioning, and found nothing that could meet more than one or two of the requirements I was proposing.
But in the summer of 1977, I encountered some materials from what I must for now call just "The School."  For the first time, I saw a possibility that our historic need could actually be met.  After three years of taking courses, all of which produced in me the results that were described in advance; and after much careful checking, testing, and re-testing, I reached a conclusion.  I had actually found a school I was satisfied met the requirements I had defined as essential.

I thought I was now ready to present my findings.  But I wasn't.  Privately testing and validating were one thing.  Public presentation, especially under the internal pressures I experienced every time I would try, was something else entirely.  I realized I would need to do a lot of work on myself.  Without ever entirely dropping my careful scrutiny, my focus with the school's trainings shifted to my own clarification and strengthening.

And now, I am feeling strongly that it is time for me to present my findings to as wide an audience as possible..

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